New Covid-19 Procedures in place at the Strathard Hub

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thank you for continuing to support your Business Hub.

To keep everyone safe as Covid-19 restrictions are eased we have made these changes at the Hub:

Booking a desk

There are 5 desks available to regular users. These must be pre-booked at No ad-hoc or casual use is possible.

  • Desk 1 is located in the large meeting room (this room is intended for one person only. Two people from the same household only may work in the room, subject to booking.)
  • Desk 2 is located in the small meeting room
  • Desk 3 is in the main hub room, immediately in front of the door (where Mike usually sits)
  • Desk 4 is in the main hub room, next to the printer
  • Desk 5 is in the far corner (where Trevor usually sits)

Disinfecting your desk

Please disinfect your desk before and after use. There are bottles of hospital-grade alcohol surface cleaner and blue roll in each room. If there isn’t, let us know!

We have cleared out the kitchen to make it easier to keep surfaces clean and hygienic. If you are making hot drinks at the Hub please bring your own mug/teaspoon/tea/coffee from home and take them with you when you leave, along with any rubbish.

As always, please use the hand sanitiser provided to clean your hands before you enter the Hub and when you leave. Observe social distancing and make space for each other as the corridor and stairwell are narrow. 

Now more than ever, online desk-booking is essential (for example, if contact tracing were to be needed). Book your desk here: Any queries just shout.

Hoping you are all well and coping,
Kind regards
the team at Strathard Business Hub