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Strathard Hub is based above the tourist centre on Aberfoyle Main Street


  1. Strathard Business Hub
  2. 1st Floor, Trossachs Discovery Centre, Main Street
  3. Aberfoyle
  4. Stirlingshire
  5. FK8 3UQ

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    As a technology professional living in Strathard, the Business Hub is an indispensable resource for me to have a comfortable and well-appointed, quiet location to work and have access to a high quality internet connection. I spend a good portion of my month in London, so the flexible payment terms are essential for me and provide a great way for me to control my costs.

    On top of all of that the Hub has done a great job in bringing together local professionals to all of our greater benefit. I would absolutely recommend the Hub to anyone in a knowledge profession who wants to live and work in this area of outstanding national beauty.

    C. Oliver Godby – ScholaNoctis Ltd

    “Strathard Hub is an invaluable space for me and my business. Helping me with a good solid infrastructure and plenty of like minded people.”

    Mike Bishop – Miniman

    As a creative branding and digital studio with offices and staff across the UK, it’s always a huge relief to find a place that’s welcoming and has all the facilities needed for brilliant face to face communication.

    Strathard Hub provides this in abundance with not only a relaxing environment and friendly people, but also access to a great quality high-speed connection and local amenities.

    James R – DOT | Branding that demands attention

    I found the folks that I dealt with very helpful and accommodating. Allowing me the opportunity to have a look at the venue prior to using it. Coming in to meet me just for this purpose. The booking was easy and straightforward. The room and facilities were ideal as a base for delivering the Level 2 Mountain Bike training course. Easy access to the rides out, good clean facilities and open access to the kettle for all the tea and coffee. IDEAL! I will be booking again and running another course from here. I would also recommend the venue to other users.

    Mike Bignall –